Simply Magical Data

We reduce the complexity of managing your data.

How it works

We collect, combine and present your data in four easy steps

Collect organisational knowledge


We collect your data and any organisational knowledge of that data

This information is made available to you via our data catalog, designed for business users not engineers


Model business processes


Together we identify your organisations core business processes, using our “who does what” discovery workshop

We model your data based on simple business events, concepts and details, not complex star schemas, tables or database models


Define business rules


We quickly define business rules to change and validate your data, using our natural language rules engine, not complex code

We make your data fit for you, so you can easily and safely make data driven decisions

Consume your data


You consume your data using your favourite BI or AI tool, without the need to write complex code or join hundreds of datasets

Your data is constantly refreshed and available at a push of a button, whenever you need it

Who does it work for

We empower business and data analysts to become data magicians, removing the need for technical engineers


Create business rules to change and validate your data, without having to wait for a data engineer

Decision maker

Get access to the data you need, at a click of a button and at a fraction of the cost

Technical lead

Spend your time defining new data and rule patterns to enable your data magicians to deliver data to your decision makers faster

Why use

We reduce the complexity of collecting, combining and presenting data, in a simply magical way


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Simple teams vs complex teams

We remove the need for your engineering teams, by putting the power of simplicity in your analysts hands

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