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New Google Cloud feature to Optimise BigQuery Costs

This blog explores AgileData’s use of Google Cloud, specifically its BigQuery service, for cost-effective data handling. As a bootstrapped startup, AgileData incorporates data storage and compute costs into its SaaS subscription, protecting customers from unexpected bills. We constantly seek ways to minimise costs, utilising new Google tools for cost-saving recommendations. We argue that the efficiency and value of Google Cloud make it a preferable choice over other cloud analytic database options.

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What is Data Lineage?
What is Data Lineage?

TD:LR AgileData mission is to reduce the complexity of managing data. In the modern data world there are many capability categories, each with their own specialised terms, technologies and three letter acronyms. We...

Data Mesh 4.0.4
Data Mesh 4.0.4

TD:LR Data Mesh 4.0.4 is only available for a very short time. please ensure you scroll to the bottom of the article to understand the temporal nature of the Data Mesh 4.0.4 approach.This article was published on 1st...

Data Observability Uncovered: A Magical Lens for Data Magicians
Data Observability Uncovered: A Magical Lens for Data Magicians

Data observability provides comprehensive visibility into the health, quality, and reliability of your data ecosystem. It dives deeper than traditional monitoring, examining the actual data flowing through your pipelines. With tools like data lineage tracking, data quality metrics, and anomaly detection, data observability helps data magicians quickly detect and diagnose issues, ensuring accurate, reliable data-driven decisions.

Agile DataOps
Agile DataOps

TD:LR Agile DataOps is where we combine the processes and technologies from DataOps with a new agile way of working, to reduce the time taken and increase the value of the data we provide to our customers What's in a...