We enable business analysts to create agile data warehouses using natural language


Designed for the Business

Designed to be used and managed by business people not IT.  Business analysts, in fact any analyst, can connect your data, define your business rules and make the right reporting data available to your favourite analytics and visualisation tools, all using natural language not code.

Remove your dependency on your IT team

We remove the need for you to wait for your IT team to transform your data, by putting the power of creation and automation in your hands.


Catalog and search built right in

Inbuilt data catalog and search capabilities means you can find all your data anytime you need to, no need to buy and implement a third-party stand-alone solution

No Data Modelling

Define Business Events, such as Customer Orders Product in the front end and the technical data model is built under the covers without you need to worry about it.

Rules not code

Create Change Rules to transform the data and Validation Rules to validate the data is what you expect, all using business-friendly rules notation without the need to write endless complex transformation code.

Easily consume data

You don’t need to create complex joins or queries to access your data.  Just select the business events you want data for and will create a view of that data that you can easily access by your Visualisation or Analytics tools.

Testing at its core

When creating a data warehouse (whether a modern or legacy one) testing is typically an afterthought or something that is delivered by a separate team.  In Validation Rules are the tests and they are built in and fully automated.

Augmented Intelligence

Analytics underpins everything does, which means it will provide recommendations for Business Events, Change Rules, Validation Rules and Access views to fast track what you do.

As a Service

A native Software as a Solution, not a build your own platform or cloud washed legacy solution.  So just like Salesforce and Xero, once you have subscribed you can start straight away all from your browser.

Pay as you go, not upfront

As a true Software as a Service solution, you pay each month based on simple T-Shirt sizing subscription.  You pay for what you use, no need to commit a large investment up front to get started or commit to three years in advance.

Any Data

You can load any data you have into, SaaS applications like Salesforce, structured databases such as Microsoft SQL, cloud databases like AWS RDS, semi-structured flat files for examples CSV’s and JSON or streaming data from twitter.

Any Analytics Engine

You can access with any of your favourite analytics engines, Cloud Machine Learning engines such as Azure and AWS ML, R, Python or java code, or solutions such as KNIME, Rapidminer or Data Robot.

Any Viz Tool works with your BI and Visualisation tools, so if you use Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI, Looker, Yellowfin or any other tool, nothing changes.  Apart from getting data faster and in a repeatable and auditable way of course.

Leverage your cloud data lake accesses data from your data lake, whether your data lake is stored in AWS’s, Azure’s or Google’s Cloud platforms.

Stream or batch your data

You can include data that is streamed from your operational systems or you can choose to load the data on a regular basis, its all up to you.

All history over all time

All you data over all time is always immediately available in  So you can see how your customers are behaving today, or how your customers behaviours have changed over time

Scales with you grows as you grow.  Whether it’s your business getting bigger, onboarding more users to leverage more value or an increase in the data you collect, can scale to meet your needs. 


Your data, your users, our application and our platform are all secured to make sure only the people you authorise can see your data.

Global Platform

We leverage one of the worlds leading cloud platforms to automate everything we do, rather than building our own from scratch,  which means it is cheaper, faster and safer for you.


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