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AgileData App Capabilities

Providing simply magical, low code, data management


Explore with ease using the data Catalog. The AgileData App provides a comprehensive view of all your data assets and Information Apps, making it simple to locate and understand your data, enhancing efficiency and insight


Data Design

Craft your data reality with our data Design feature. The AgileData App allows you to model and structure your data in a way that best suits your needs, promoting clarity and effective data usage

Change Rules

Simplify data transformation with our Natural Language Change Rules. The AgileData App allows you to define transformations using simple, natural language, making it easy to shape your data exactly how you need it.


Trust Rules

Ensure data reliability with Trust Rules. The AgileData App allows you to set specific rules to validate your data, ensuring its accuracy and consistency, and building trust in your data-driven decisions

Visible Data Quality

Review your data’s reliability and quality. The AgileData App allows you to see the outcome of your trust rules, providing transparency and confidence in your data’s accuracy, consistency and availability


Data Map

Track your data’s journey with our Data Map capability. The AgileData App provides clear visibility of your data’s origin, and changes, enhancing transparency and trust in your data

Access via a web browser

Enjoy convenience with Web Browser access. The AgileData App is accessible directly from your web browser, providing you with the flexibility to manage your data from anywhere, anytime.

Consume views

Access your data with ease using our Consume Views. The AgileData App provides tailored views of your data, ensuring you have the right information at your fingertips when you need it.

File Drop

Effortlessly import data with File Drop. The AgileData App allows you to easily upload data files, ensuring a smooth and efficient data ingestion process.

Data Collection

Streamline data gathering with Data Collection. The AgileData App supports a variety of collection methods, ensuring comprehensive and efficient data acquisition to fuel your insights.

Business Models

Visualise your business logic with Business Models. The AgileData App allows you to create and manage models that represent your business processes, helping you understand and optimise your operations.

Concepts, Details, Events

Organise your data effectively with Concepts, Details, and Events. The AgileData App allows you to categorise your data into these three types, promoting clarity and aiding in efficient data management and interpretation.

Any Last Mile Tool

Seamlessly access your data with any Last Mile Tools. The AgileData App allows you to access your data using your preferred analytics or reporting tools, ensuring a smooth transition from data management to data analysis.

Data Diff

Spot the differences with Data Diff. The AgileData App allows you to compare different versions of your data sets, making it easy to track changes and maintain data accuracy.

Version Rules

Keep track of your transformations with our Rules Versions. The AgileData App maintains a history of your change rules, allowing you to review and revert to previous versions if needed, ensuring control and flexibility in your data management.

Data Search

Find what you need with our Data Search. The AgileData App allows you to search within a specific table for precise data points, ensuring you find exactly what you need, when you need it.

Concept Matrix

Understand your data relationships with the Concept Matrix. The AgileData App provides a visual representation of how your data concepts are interconnected, aiding in data interpretation and decision-making.

Event Matrix

Visualise your data events with the Event Matrix. The AgileData App provides a clear view of your data events and their relationships, enhancing your understanding and management of data changes over time

Explore Data

Discover your data’s nuances with our Google Facets Exploration. The AgileData App integrates with Google’s Facets, providing an interactive way to visualise your data’s distribution and relationships, enhancing your understanding and insights.


Get answers quickly with ‘Ask ADI’. The AgileData App includes a built-in assistant, ADI, ready to answer your queries and guide you through your data management tasks, making the process simpler and more efficient.

AgileData App Principles

Foundational patterns the AgileData App is built upon

Low Code

Simply magical low code app reduces the effort to deliver data work, while automating the data engineering rigour

Simple data modelling

Define Business Events, such as Customer Orders Product in the front end and the technical data model is built under the covers without you needing to worry about it.

Rules not code

Create Change Rules to transform the data using business-friendly rules notation without the need to write endless complex transformation code.

Testing at it's core

When creating a data platform (whether a modern or legacy one) testing is typically an afterthought or something that is delivered by a separate team.  In Validation Rules are the tests and they are built in and fully automated.

Easily consume data

You don’t need to create complex joins or queries to access your data.  Just select the business events you want data for and will create a view of that data that you can easily access by your Visualisation or Analytics tools.

Automated Intelligence

Analytics underpins everything AgileData does, which means it will provide recommendations for Business Events, Change Rules, Validation Rules and Consume views to fast track what you do.