Putting the Ops into Data


AgileData Platform Principles

Foundational patterns the AgileData Platform is built upon

As a Service

A cloud native Software as a Solution, not a build your own platform or cloud washed legacy solution.  So just like Salesforce and Xero, once you have subscribed you can start straight away all from your browser.

Pay as you go, not upfront

As a true Software as a Service solution, you pay each month based on simple T-Shirt sizing subscription.  You pay for what you need now, no need to commit a large annual investment up front to get started or commit to three years in advance.

Any data

You can collect any data you have into AgileData, SaaS applications like Salesforce, structured databases such as Microsoft SQL, cloud databases like AWS RDS, semi-structured flat files for examples XLS, CSV’s and JSON or streaming data from Google Analytics.

Any analytics engine

You can access AgileData with any of your favourite analytics engines, Cloud Machine Learning engines such as Google Vertex, BigQuery ML, Azure and AWS ML, R, Python, or solutions such as Dataiku or Rapidminer.

Any viz tool

AgileData works with your BI and Visualisation tools, so if you use Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI, Looker, Thoughtspot or any other tool, nothing changes.  Apart from getting data faster and in a repeatable and auditable way of course.

Leverage your cloud data lake

AgileData accesses data from your data lake, whether your data lake is stored in AWS’s, Azure’s or Google’s Cloud platforms.

Stream or batch your data

You can include data that is streamed from your operational systems or you can choose to collect the data on a regular batch basis, its all up to you.

All history over all time

All you data over all time is always immediately available in AgileData.  So you can see how your customers are behaving today, or how your customers behaviours have changed over time

Scales with you

AgileData grows as you grow.  Whether it’s your business getting bigger, onboarding more users to leverage more value or an increase in the data you collect, AgileData can scale globally to meet your needs. 


Your data, your users, our application and our platform are all secured to make sure only the people you authorise can see your data.

Global cloud platform

We leverage Google Cloud as our cloud infrastructure, one of the world’s leading cloud platforms to automate everything we do, rather than building our own from scratch,  which means it is cheaper, faster and safer for you.

AgileData Platform Capabilities

Automating everything we can, to remove as much human effort as practical


Stay informed with real-time notifications. The AgileData Platform ensures you never miss an update or alert, keeping you in the loop with every data movement


Data Map

Navigate your data landscape with ease using our Data Map capability. Gain clear visibility of your data lineage, understanding where your data originates and how it changes as it travels across the platform

Anomaly Detection

Stay one step ahead with our Anomaly Detection feature. AgileData Platform proactively identifies unusual data patterns, helping you spot potential issues before they escalate

Automated Scheduling

Take control of your data refreshes with our scheduling capability. Whether using AutoSync or CustomSync, you decide when and how your data is updated, ensuring it’s always timely and relevant

Manage Users

Manage your team effectively with our Members capability. AgileData Platform gives you the flexibility to add and remove team members, ensuring the right people have access at the right time

App Tenancy Features

Personalise your app experience with our App Feature Flags. AgileData Platform lets you turn on or off specific app features, providing a tailored data experience for every Tenancy

Data Sharing

Promote collaboration with our Data Sharing feature. AgileData Platform enables secure and controlled sharing of data, fostering cross organisation collaboration while ensuring your data’s privacy and integrity

Trust Rule Execution

Ensure data reliability with our Trust Rules feature. AgileData Platform allows you to set specific rules to validate your data, and these rules automatically execute when new data is processed

Config API

Extend the AgileData Solution by integrating seamlessly with our API for Configuration. AgileData Platform provides a robust API, allowing you to customise and control your data platform settings from your existing systems, enhancing interoperability and convenience

Pull, Push, Stream, Drop

Adapt to any data scenario with our versatile Data Collection Patterns. Whether you need to push, pull, stream, or drop data, AgileData Platform supports a variety of collection methods to suit your specific needs, ensuring efficient and comprehensive data gathering


Secure your data with our Encryption by Default feature. AgileData Platform automatically encrypts your data at rest and in transit, providing an added layer of security and peace of mind