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AgileData reduces the cost of your Data Team and your Data Platform in a simply magical way.

We believe using Agiledata will reduce $500k of annual costs to a mere $30k.

In this article we provide the workings of these cost savings.

Shane Gibson -

Cost Guesstimation

We believe AgileData will reduce the cost of your datateam and platform from $500k a year to a mere $30k.

We have created a Google Sheet with some guesstimates for the cost of a Data Team and the Data Platform operating costs to show how we think we can save you that amount.

Cost Guesstimation Google Sheet

Below is an embedded Google Sheet with the estimations based on the AgileData Small Subscription, which is applicable upto 100GB of History data.

If the embedded Google Sheet isn’t displayed or you want to make a copy and alter it with your numbers you can open and copy the Google Sheet here:

Keep making data simply magical provides both a Software as a Service product and services to get your data work done.

We focus on reducing the time and effort it takes to do this data work, so we can charge you less.