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Information Product Canvas

Join Shane and Tammy Leahy as they discuss the Information Product Canvas, what each area of the canvas holds and why you would want to collect this information.

This is the second in a series of podcast episodes that deep dives into the Information Product pattern.

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Agile Security

Join Shane and guest Laura Bell as they discuss how you can eat the security elephant in an agile way.

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3 agile architecture things

Join Shane and guest Brian McMillian as they discuss the art of architecture in an agile data world. We discuss 3 things: 1. the 4x approach2. data vault3. everything is code

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The Magic of Serverless

Join Shane and Nigel as they discuss what serverless actually means, and the value of leveraging serverless components within your data platform.

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AgileData refactoring

Join Shane and Nigel as they discuss what refactoring is and why you should always plan to refactor your data, code and platform from day one.

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AgileData Patterns

Join Shane and Nigel as they discuss what agile data patterns are and how you can apply them to speed up the delivery of data to your stakeholders.

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A DataOps and Data Science Journey

Join Shane as he chats to Hamish and Liam in a pub in the middle of the North Island about their journey to adopting a way of working that combines DataOps with Data Science.

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