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Agile Security

Join Shane and guest Laura Bell as they discuss how you can eat the security elephant in an agile way.

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Analyst vs Analytics Engineer

Join Shane and guest Benn Stancil as they discuss the difference between the age old analyst role and the new emerging role of analytics engineer (amongst a few other interesting things)

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3 agile architecture things

Join Shane and guest Brian McMillian as they discuss the art of architecture in an agile data world. We discuss 3 things: 1. the 4x approach2. data vault3. everything is code

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Join Shane and guest Raphael Branger as they discuss combining agile ways of working with the world of data and business intelligence (BI).

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Agile and Analytics

Join Shane and special guest Shaun McGirr as they discuss the combining of agile ways of working with analytics teams.

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AgileData Patterns

Join Shane and Nigel as they discuss what agile data patterns are and how you can apply them to speed up the delivery of data to your stakeholders.

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Flying the airplane while building it

Join Shane and Blair as they chat with Jan Sheppard about the experience of building a new agile way of working while still ensuring you are delivering data and analytical value to your stakeholders.

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