Empowering Data Entrepreneurs

to become their customers “fractional data team”, at a fraction of the typical time, cost and effort, while providing recurring subscription income

We work with Data Consultants

We have been data consultants, we know the daily struggles you face, we know how to solve them

AgileData Lead

Side Hustle

You are looking to leverage your data expertise and provide "data as a service" to customers as part of your journey to gain the lifestyle and freedom of eventually becoming a full time data consultant

AgileData Business Analyst


You are a full time data consultant, and you are looking to move from projects based on effort and hours, to providing "data as a service" based on your experience and expertise

AgileData Decision Maker

Scaling Consultancy

You are a small data consultancy who wants to get bigger, but you don't want to fall foul of the consulting trap of increasing your teams salary cost at the same pace as you increase your revenue

Delivered Locally, Supported Globally

Organisations data capabilities delivered by local partners they trust, supported globally by AgileData Network partners


Fractional Data Team

become your customers fractional data team, reducing their costs from $500k a year for data engineers and data platform tools, to a mere $60k, while still making a great margin.

We help turn Data Consultants into Data Entrepreneurs

AgileData is the equivalent of Shopify, but for Data Consultants

eCommerce Entrepreneurs

Shopify enables entrepreneurs to build and run eCommerce companies

Without the need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars building a bespoke eCommerce platform

Data Entrepreneurs

AgileData enables data consultants to build and run Fractional Data Service companies

Without the need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars building a bespoke data platform

Why spends hundreds of thousands of dollars of your own bench time building your own bespoke data platform, when you can rent our Intelligent Data Platform, for a fraction of that cost?

And we cover the ongoing cost of storage and compute, not you, not your customers.

We have been Data Consultants

We have been data consultants, we know the constant struggle of building a sustainable consulting business, finding new sales, building a data platform and finally doing the data work your customers need done.

We think there is a better way of building sustainable data businesses, a better way together.


More than just a data platform

We do more than just provide you with magical data technology, we help you build your data consulting business as if it was our own

AgileData Solution

We know how lonely it can be

We know how lonely it can be founding a data consultancy, and trying to do the thousands of things you need to do, constantly swicthing between working in the business and working on the business.  We also know the struggle that comes with being a small consultancy and competing against the big ones.

We believe there is power in a crowd, so we are building a global network of people like you, but not near you.


Better Together

The AgileData Network helps you to amplify your capabilities by collaborating with other like minded Data Entrepreneurs

Size Sometimes Matters

Combine with other trusted members of the AgileData Network, to have the scale you need, when you need it

Scale the Value of your Expertise

Provide your expertise, experience and solutions in specific industries and use cases to the AgileData Network and get rewarded by the trusted members who leverage it for their customers

We have codified our Way of Working

We know how hard it is to build the plane while flying it.  As you scale you have to find more customers, deliver valuable outcomes to those customers, find more people to deliver those outcomes, all the while trying to build repeatable practices, patterns and platforms to help you scale effectively.

We have codified our Agile Data patterns, practises and patterns so you don’t have to.


Build the lifestyle you want

Gain the freedom you desire

Fractional Data Team

Become the fractional data team for your customers, you are available when they need you, their data is always available when they need it

AgileData Platform

Remove the cost, effort, and risk of crafting your own data platform, writing screeds of complex code and hiring a DataOps team to support your customers

Recurring Income

Deliver the data work for your customers, and turn it into recurring income,  no “one and dones”

Collect Combine Consume

We reduce the complexity of collecting, combining and consuming data, in a simply magical low code way.

Collect | Combine | Consume

We reduce the complexity of collecting, combining and consuming data, in a simply magical low code way.

AgileData Platform


Automate Everything

Our DataOps patterns are built into the AgileData platform, we strive to automate anything and everything that can be automated

Google Cloud Power

The AgileData Platform is built from scratch to leverage the global power of Google Cloud infrastructure

Out of the box

Remove the cost of crafting your own data platform, writing screeds of complex code and hiring a DataOps team to support your customers

Data Platform as a Service

We have done the hard work to engineer the AgileData Platform, so you don't have to

Without AgileData


With AgileData

AgileData Team - No Data Engineers

Common Data Outcomes

the AgileData team and the Network members craft repeatable solutions to achieve common data outcomes, so you can solve your customers data problems faster and with less effort.

AgileData App


No Code / Low Code

Simply magical low code app reduces the effort to deliver data work, while automating the data engineering rigour

Stop Waiting

Remove the need for your consultants to wait for your team of data engineers to transform data, by having them do the data work themselves

Hours Not Weeks

Deliver insights to your customers in hours, not weeks or months

Ask a Quick Question

AgileData Chief Product Magician, Shane Gibson, shows how to quickly upload a csv file and start asking questions of that data.

Answer that Quick Data Question in a couple of heartbeats (well ok in a few minutes)

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