Democratise Data

We empower business analysts to create agile data warehouses using natural language


Designed for the Business

Designed to be used and managed by business people not IT.  Business analysts, in fact any analyst, can connect your data, define your business processes, define your business rules and make the right reporting data available to your favourite analytics and visualisation tools, all using natural language not code.

We remove the friction of you waiting for your IT team or vendor to transform your data, by putting the power of creation and automation in your hands.

How it works

Harness your organisational knowledge

Harvest your data and harness your organisational knowledge of what the data means, all via a data catalog designed for business users not technicians.

Consume your data

Easily consume your data using your favourite BI or AI tool, without the need to write complex code or join hundreds of datasets. Your data is consistently refreshed based on your required data service level.

Model your business processes

Define your organisations business model, using our business event modelling process. Model based on core business concepts, events and details, not technical star schemas, tables, or database entity models.

Define your business rules

Quickly define business rules to change or validate your data, making it fit for data driven decisions, all using our natural language rules engine.

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