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We reduce the complexity of managing your data

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Combining agile and data

We deliver a proven SaaS data platform and an agile way of working, so you don’t need to reinvent your agile world on your own.

Data is complex

You have to plumb together multiple technology solutions, multiple data source and endless ways of dealing with complex data structures.

Adopting agile is hard

You have to completely change the way your teams work, while continuing to deliver business value, at the same time traverse the myriad of agile methodologies and different ways of working.

SaaS Data Platform

We remove data complexity by providing a Software as a Service (SaaS)  data platform.  This includes removing the complexity of collection, combining and presenting data so it can be easily consumed.

AgileData Way of Working

We have codified our years of coaching data and analytics teams in agile ways of working.  This includes agile ways of visioning, gathering requirements, designing, building, testing and deploying.

No Nonsense Agile Podcasts

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Low code vs complex code

We remove the need to create large volumes of complex code, by providing a low code user interface


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