Magical Data Consumption

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AgileData Data Consumption

Data Consumers

Data consumption is the process of connecting your favourite dashboard, visualisation, analytics or data transfer tool to AgileData so you can consume your combined data in a simply magical way.

We call this the “last mile” and we work with your favourite third party tool to deliver that last mile.

You can consume any data you have in AgileData with your favourite visualisation tools like Looker, Power BI Qlik or Tableau, You can transfer your combined data back into your applications using tools like Hightouch.  You can access your augmented data with analytics tools like Google Vertex AI..


A smorgasbord of consumption options

You have the ability to consume your data from a myriad of “last mile” applications.

Popular Consumers

Dashboard & Visualisation Consumers

Application Integration Consumers

Analytics Consumers

Need your favourite consumption tool?

Any industry standard tool can consume the data in AgileData.   If you cant see your favourite tool above, get in touch.