Magical Data Collection

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Data Collection

Data collection is the process of collecting data from your business applications and storing it in AgileData, so it can be combined and consumed in a simply magical way.

You can load any data you have into AgileData, SaaS applications like Shopify, Quickbooks and Salesforce, structured databases such as Microsoft SQL, cloud databases like AWS RDS, semi-structured flat files for examples CSV’s and JSON or streaming data from Twitter.

Our automated data collectors remove the need for you to use third party data integration solutions, but depending on your System of Capture we sometimes still need those.

Lot's of connectors

We have the ability to connect and collect data from lot’s of applications.

Popular Collectors

eCommerce Collectors

CRM Collectors

Financial Collectors

Agile & Project Management Collectors

Need a specific data collector?

AgileData can collect data from SaaS apps, as well as your cloud or on-premise databases.   If you need a specific data collector, get in touch.