Automate the Dross

Automate repeating data tasks to free up your analysts, for a fixed price

We automate the manual data work your analysts repeatably do, freeing them up to do more analysis, for a fixed annual cost of NZD $20k.  We do the majority of the work for you “as a service” using our capability.


Is it for me?

For the

Executive or Team Lead;

Who needs

to free up their analysts so they can do more analysis to discover better insights;

The “Automate the Dross” is a service;


automates the loading, changing, validation and consumption of data;


the current ongoing manual analyst effort, or cobbled together IT solution; "Automate the Dross" will:
  • Refresh the data as often as you require for 12 months;

  • Allows you or your team to upload new data to refresh your data;

  • Have no additional on-boarding or ongoing maintenance costs;

  • Work with your own Visualisation or Analytics tools;

  • Provide a full managed service so you don’t have to worry.

Key Features

Everything you need, nothing you don’t

Answers automatically refreshed

Your data is automatically updated based on the same frequency you upload new data, for example hourly, daily, weekly or monthly

Multiple data sources

Automation can be based on multiple data sources, as long as you can provide us with the data we can automate your data processes using it

Your BI tool or not

You can access the data in your favourite BI tool, or we can provide simple access to the data via your web browser

Answers for 12 months

Your fixed price fee includes the ability to refresh your data as often as you want for 12 months

Any data format

We can use your data if it is in a csv file, excel workbook, JSON or XML file, or an extract from your databases

As a service

The one-off fixed price of NZD $20k (+gst) includes everything required to repeatably refresh your data  for 12 months, no hidden extras, no surprises

The Process

Its a simple process for us to work together to deliver an answer to your most important question

We agree what will be automated

We work with you to quickly identify and agree the manual data processes you want to be automated .  This will typically involve a couple of hours of your time.

You provide us with your data and code

You provide us with the data and code your analysts currently manual manage.  We have a number of patterns to help make it easy for you to give us your data and code in a secure way. The time it takes you to acquire this data for us varies with every customer and business question, as it’s based on the flexibility of your systems and your organisation.

We reverse engineer from your data and code

We use to harvest meaning from your data and we have a quick look to gain an understanding of what it contains and how it is structured. We use your code and data to help us identify your business events and concepts, using our Natural Language approach.  For example, “Customers Buy Products from an Employee at a Store on any given Weekday”. We use your code to help us define data change rules using our Natural Language approach to transform the data from the raw state you provided, to a format that can be used to easily and repeatably refresh your data using our capability.

We configure for you

Magic happens here as we quickly configure to change your raw detailed data into information which reflects your key business events and concepts using the defined change rules.  This process is what allows us to automatically refresh your data for the next 12 months.

You provide feedback and we iterate

You review the output from and we work together to iterate until you are happy with the results that are being provided.

You update your data and consume the latest results

You upload or update your data on a regular basis and then consume the latest results that have been automagically refreshed.  This will take minimal time on your part.

Example Use Cases

Free up your analyst's time

Your analyst team are awesome and keep adding value to business stakeholders by finding more and more uses for the data you have.  But as they create more and more code to leverage this data, they also have to maintain and operate it themselves.

Typical Challenges

  • This “BAU Bleed” is resulting in the analysts spending more time managing this code than analysing the data to find more insight;
  • At the beginning of the month the entire analyst team are spending the first couple of days running code and validating the results, rather than responding to new stakeholder questions;
  • All the knowledge of where the code lives and what it does is in a single analysts head;

Improve your ad-hoc process

Your analyst team are awesome and each time they are asked for new data or insights they create some quick code or manual process to deliver it.  But as they create more and more of these the processes are becoming cumbersome and often failing due to the ad-hoc nature of the development.

Typical Challenges

  • This “BAU Bleed” is resulting in the analysts spending more time managing these processes rather than responding to new questions from stakeholder;
  • Executive reports and dashboards have a large number of moving parts to produce them and some of the parts often fall over on a regular basis;
  • The analysts that created the code have left and the new analysts are struggling to find any documentation and understand what the codes does and why, introducing risk the code maybe run in the wrong order or a step missed and the wrong results published;
  • Excel is starting to struggle with the volume of the data being pushed through it;
  • The code is all on a single analysts desktop, with no versions and no real backups.

Decommission your legacy technology platform

Your current and data and code is running on old legacy technology that is no longer supported.  You need to move it to a new platform.

Typical Challenges

  • The estimates you have been provided to acquire new software and infrastructure is in the hundred of thousand of dollars;
  • The estimated timeframe to stand up the new platform is in the months;
  • The estimated of effort to recreate the code you have to the new platform is in months;
  • You have been told you need a new team to administer this new platform.


How many users can access the results?

If you are using your own Business Intelligence, Visualisation or Reporting tool to access the results, then you can have as many users as your tool can support.

If we are providing easy access to the results via your web browser then we will provide a single user account for access.

We can recommend a number of cost-effective cloud BI options, such as QlikSense, Tableau and PowerBI that enable multiple users to access the answers.  However, these will involve additional costs, to purchase the multi-user licenses of those tools, in addition to our fixed price.

What happens if we want to stop?

If you want to stop using the service at any time, we will decommission your access and permanently delete your data.

We suggest you extract all your data from the consume area before we decommission your access, as once we have deleted it we cannot recover it.

Can we get copies of all your code, so we can replicate it on our platform?


One of the reasons we are able to deliver automate the creation of your data results  using your data so quickly is due to the magic we have built under the covers on our platform.  As you would expect this is the value of and it would be remiss of us to give this magic away.

However, we will always provide you with copies of your event, concept and detail definitions and the Natural Language change rules we configure for you.  With these you could build your own data platform and replicate the data you consume from if you desired.