New Google Cloud feature to Optimise BigQuery Costs

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AgileData makes extensive use of Google Cloud, specifically its BigQuery service, for cost-effective data handling.

As a bootstrapped startup, AgileData incorporates data storage and compute costs into its SaaS subscription, protecting customers from unexpected bills. We constantly seek ways to minimise costs, utilising new Google tools for cost-saving recommendations.

We argue that the efficiency and value of Google Cloud make it a preferable choice over other cloud analytic database options.

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There’s an interesting story behind AgileData and its magical platform foundation. In our early days, we made a crucial decision to build AgileData atop Google Cloud, a choice that we have not regretted for a moment.

Why Google Cloud? Our Core Infrastructure, BigQuery, Explains It All

One of our core infrastructure services, BigQuery, demonstrates why we chose Google Cloud. This cloud analytics database is a formidable beast that devours both large and small workloads, all at a cost we doubt could be matched with any other cloud analytic database options. Simply put, it’s a workhorse that keeps our operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Cost Optimisation and Customer Experience: Our Two Pillars

As a bootstrap startup, being cost-conscious is an understatement. Every penny saved can be a lifeline. But our emphasis on costs is not merely a survival strategy; it’s a customer-centric principle. We operate differently from most end-to-end data platforms.

For instance, we absorb the cost of data storage and compute as part of the monthly SaaS subscription that we charge our customers. In this way, we eliminate the potential for bill shock from their data cloud analytics database provider, which improves the overall customer experience.

Optimising Costs: An Ongoing Endeavour

We continuously look for ways to reduce the costs of the Google Cloud infrastructure we run. This ongoing endeavour is our pledge to our customers and a testament to our commitment to maximising efficiency.

Recently, Google released a tool that scans your BigQuery instances and provides recommendations on partitions and clusters you should add to save money. This tool bases its recommendations on the last 30 days of usage logs – a handy feature for startups aiming for efficient resource usage. 

You can read the press release for it here :

Or the documentation here:

Why We Love Google Cloud

This cost-saving feature is just one reason why we love Google Cloud. The cloud platform’s versatile services and cost-centric focus align with our vision and mission at AgileData. If we had chosen any other option, we would have had to build this all ourselves, a task that would be time-consuming and likely more expensive.

How does your cloud analytics database provider treat you?

When you see a new market emerge, based on consulting companies helping you “optimise” your spend on your Cloud Analytics Database, it’s worth pausing to question the situation.

Perhaps the solution isn’t in cost optimisation consulting, but rather in making a strategic switch to Google Cloud and BigQuery. We invite you to consider this alternative as you navigate your cloud analytics journey.

Or even better come and join the AgileData customer and partner community.


Keep making data simply magical

We believe AgileData is one of the few data solutions in the market who remove the risk of bill shock from you.

Because we wear the cost risk we are hyper focussed on cost and effort efficiency, by fixating on removing effort or costs where ever we can.

 We love it when Google Cloud make it easier for us to achieve this.

Do more with less

We remove the need to build a large dedicated team of expensive data experts, by reducing the effort to do the data work and by doing the data work with you

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