A Data Engineer an Agile Coach and a Fish walk into a bar…

27 Jun 2022 | AgileData DataOps, AgileData Journey, Blog


This is the first of a series of articles detailing how we built a platform to make data fun and remove complexity for our users

Nigel Vining - AgileData.io

  • The services we used would be serverless — they would start up, do stuff, cost us money, shut down, stop costing us money. Fullstop.


  • There would be no adoption friction to using a service — i could say, “we need a messaging service now”, and the platform would have one and we could start using it with no integration issues or learning curve as it would“just work”as expected with no hidden surprises or unforeseen challenges.

AgileData.io provides both a Software as a Service product and a recommended AgileData Way of Working.  We believe you need both to deliver data in a simply magical way.

A Modern Data Stack underpins the AgileData.io solution.


Keep making data simply magical