Fast Answers at Your Fingertips: Unveiling AgileData’s ‘Ask a Quick Question’ Feature

14 Jun 2023 | AgileData Product, Blog

Speeding up insights

In the bustling world of business and data analysis, time is of the essence. When you’re armed with AgileData’s ‘Ask a Quick Question’ feature, you’re primed for efficiency and insight. 

Drive Faster Decision Making: In business, speed matters. The quicker you can answer business queries, the faster you can make informed decisions. With the ability to answer questions rapidly, you can respond to evolving business situations in real time, giving you a competitive edge.

Boost Productivity: Imagine the time saved when you don’t have to trawl through heaps of data to find what you need. By quickly answering your business questions, you free up time for other strategic tasks, improving your overall productivity.

Enhance Business Agility: The business landscape is constantly changing, and agility is key to survival. The ability to answer business questions quickly allows you to be more responsive to changes, whether it’s a shift in customer behaviour or a change in market dynamics. The faster you gain insights, the quicker you can adapt your strategy, making your business more resilient and adaptable.

Harnessing the Power of Answering a Quick Question with AgileData


Have you ever found yourself in need of some quick insights from your data without the time or need for a full-scale data analysis?

AgileData’s ‘Ask a Quick Question’ feature is designed for just that purpose, providing on-the-fly answers to your most pressing data questions.

The process is refreshingly simple. You start by uploading your data into AgileData in a CSV, JSON, or xls format. AgileData then takes over, automatically profiling the uploaded data and creating rules for further processing.


Collect - Upload File

After the data upload, AgileData automatically transforms the data into what we call a ‘history tile’, which serves as an immutable record of your data.

Next, AgileData generates additional rules and creates a ‘Consume Tile’, a step that can be achieved with just a click. This Consume Tile contains the transformed data, ready for exploration.

There are several ways you can explore your data.

You can create reports, dashboards, or visualisations in Looker Studio, a data visualisation tool provided by Google. You can also visually explore your data with Google Facets Dive, an open-source tool developed by Google’s People + AI Research (PAIR) team.


Catalog - Tile Detail - Context

But the standout feature is the experimental ‘Ask ADI’, which utilises a connection to ChatGPT. With ‘Ask ADI’, you can ask questions about your data in plain English. The question is transformed into an SQL query which is run in AgileData, and you get your results instantly. No need to write SQL queries yourself.

The ‘Ask a Quick Question’ feature proves invaluable in various use cases. If you’re a data consultant facing last-minute questions from clients, you can get quick answers on-the-fly. It’s also a powerful tool for Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), helping you quickly grasp the main features of your data, get insights, and identify potential issues.

In essence, AgileData’s ‘Ask a Quick Question’ feature is a potent tool that removes friction in your day-to-day data analysis work, letting you keep pace with the dynamic data landscape while delivering the insights you need in minutes.

Catalog - Tile Detail - Context

Unleashing the Potential of Asking a Quick Question

Real-time Responses: If you’re an internal data analyst or an external data consultant, you’re all too familiar with the spontaneous questions people can pose . Instead of promising a follow-up email or a call back, ‘Ask a Quick Question’ allows you to provide immediate answers. This not only saves time but also builds your credibility as a responsive and informed data professional.

Swift Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA): EDA is a crucial step in understanding your data, but it can also be time-consuming. The ‘Ask a Quick Question’ feature accelerates this process by letting you profile data and explore its features quickly and easily. Whether you’re identifying NULL values, mislabeled fields, or just trying to get a general grasp of your data, this feature can dramatically speed up your EDA process.

Enhanced Team Collaboration: ‘Ask a Quick Question’ can be magical in collaborative settings. If you’re in a meeting discussing a data-driven project and a question arises, this feature allows you to get a quick answer without the need for extensive analysis or additional meetings. This can enhance the efficiency of team discussions and contribute to more informed decision-making.

AgileData’s ‘Ask a Quick Question’ capability enables data analysts, business analysts, and data consultants to effectively and efficiently handle on-the-fly data queries.

By simplifying the process of extracting immediate insights from data, it allows for quick answers, swift exploratory data analysis, and enhances team collaboration. In an era where data drives decision-making, being able to swiftly address data queries is a powerful asset.

Remember, with AgileData, the complexity of managing data is reduced in a simply magical way, enabling you to focus more on generating insights and less on data wrangling.

Immerse yourself in the magical world of data with AgileData’s ‘Ask a Quick Question’ capability. Perfectly designed for data analysts and business analysts who need to swiftly extract insights from data, this capability facilitates quick data queries and rapid exploratory data analysis. 

If you want to find out more about how the Ask a Quick Question capability works, read the user guide.

Or watch the the Gone in 60 Seconds Video below.

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