Free Google Analytics 4 (GA4) online courses

28 Mar 2023 | Blog, Resources


There is some great free course content to help you upskill in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Here are the ones we recomend.

Shane Gibson -

Discover the Next Generation of Google Analytics

Find out how the latest generation of Google Analytics can take your measurement strategy to the next level, and learn how to set up a Google Analytics 4 property for your business.

Use Google Analytics to Meet Your Business Objectives

Find out how the latest generation of Google Analytics can take your measurement strategy to the next level. Learn how to set up an Analytics account and gain the insights you need to meet your business objectives.

Measure Your Marketing with Google Analytics

Find out how Google Analytics can give you the insights you need to help meet your marketing objectives. Learn key measurement features in Analytics that can show the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts and help you get more return.

Go Further with Your Google Analytics Data

Get even more from your Google Analytics data! Find out how to control the data you collect, combine data from other sources, and learn about your options if you need enterprise Analytics features.

Google Analytics Certification

Earn a Google Analytics Certification by demonstrating your understanding of Google Analytics 4 properties, including how to set up and structure a property, and use various reporting tools and features. Get certified by passing the assessment.

Keep making data simply magical

AgileData reduces the complexity for many data use cases.

One of those is Google Analytcis 4 data. 

If you are hitting the limits of native GA4, we automagically import your GA4 data into Gogole BigQuery and make it available to you in Looker Studio

Do more with less

We remove the need to build a large dedicated team of expensive data experts, by reducing the effort to do the data work and by doing the data work for you

Without AgileData

No AgileData Team - Data Engineers

With AgileData

Google Cloud Ready BigQuery