Google BigQuery – Online Training resources

23 Jan 2019 | Blog, Google Cloud, Resources

As part of our journey to exploring the use of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as the core of our infrastructure for we have had to start unlearning a lot of our AWS and Microsoft Azure knowledge and experience and relearn the GCP way.

 Google BigQuery is one of those core components that we have to relearn how to use, as it behaves very differently to AWS Redshift and Azure SQL DataWarehouse.

So we thought we would post links to the online training material we find as we explore Google BigQuery and GCPin general, with the hope it will help you explore it faster in the future.


Google Cloud Online Training Content

CloudAcademy is one of my go-to online course engines (in the spirit of full disclosure I did create some AWS Big Data content for them in a previous life).  You will need to pay for a subscription to access their material.  Cloud Academy Google Cloud Platform Training Library

QwikLabs has both free and paid for (credit based) content.  Qwiklabs Free Google Cloud Content

OReilly (aka Safari Online) have subscription-based access to their content, which includes both online courses and a massive catalog of books.  This includes LEARNING PATH: Google Cloud: Hands-on Guide to Google Cloud Platform!

Google Codelabs also has some free online lab-based content,  From Data to Insights with Google Cloud Platform


Know of some more?

If you know of any other sites that provide good online material or training for Google BigQuery or Google Cloud Platform, in general, feel free to drop us a comment below and we will add it to this post.