Frequently Asked Questions

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What does it do?

It empowers business analysts to create agile data warehouses, via natural language, removing the need for them to wait or rely on their IT teams to create or populate one.

How does it work?

You subscribe to the AgileData.io solution like any normal software as a service solution.

We teach you how to run a workshop with your key business users to gather data requirements, using an event modelling methodology.

You enter the results of the event modelling workshop into AgileData.io.

You define business rules in AgileData.io based on a common business rules format.

AgileData.io automatically creates a data warehouse and populates the data from your data lake.

Can I subscribe to it right now?

No, not right now.

We have a raft of code that we have developed over the last few years.  We are currently building out the Mininum Viable Product (MVP) version of this code, that will be the basis of a sustainable Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.  We expect to have this completed in early 2019.

If you are keen on being a beta customer then please get in touch

What does it compare to?

We like to think of AgileData.io as the equivalent of Salesforce but for Data Warehousing.

Years ago you used to have to rely on your IT teams to create your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Financial Management systems.  Today you subscribe to solutions such as Salesforce and NetSuite to provide these systems on demand.

AgileData.io provides these capabilities for your data warehouse.

Is it only for business analysts?


While we have developed AgileData.io with empowering business analyst’s firmly in mind, we know that data analyst’s or BI developers will also be able to use it to rock.

We also think the ETL developers and data warehouse modellers of old will be able to deliver data much faster by using it, however, we are not convinced we can teach old dogs new tricks.

Can I use it just to document modelled events?


You are more than welcome to use AgileData.io to enter in your modelled events and export a data model which can be handed over to your IT team for implementation.

We know AgileData.io will be faster to implement your data repository than your IT team, but we also understand that sometimes it takes small steps to move through your organisations governance and change process(es) and we are happy to add value wherever we can.

Aren't data warehouses dead?

The emergence of data visualisation and wrangling tools like Tableau and Trifacta or the big data solutions like Hadoop and MapR have some people predicting the demise of the data warehouse.

And while the data warehouses of old, where they required 5 years to build, cost millions upfront, involved multiple vendors, consultants, IT people and technologies should be long gone, we millions there is still a need for a modern agile data warehouse.

We see the data visualisation and big data solutions providing a great capability for data savvy people to create insight, but we also see them create data silos and multiple versions of the truth, both problems that data warehousing solved many years ago.

So we believe the ability to create a modern and agile data warehouse, without the delays and cost that come with a IT focussed solution provides the best of both worlds.

Is it a BI or Visualisation tool?


AgileData.io takes your data and creates a data warehouse for you.  You still need a BI or Visualisation tool like Tableau, QlikSense or PowerBI to visualise the data.

AgileData.io will automatically make the data available to those tools, in the format those tools require, to streamline the process and get information to you and your users faster.

Is it an ETL tool?

Not in the traditional sense.

ETL or ELT tools like Informatica, Data Stage or SSIS require a large amount of technical expertise to create a data warehouse, AgileData.io does not.

They also do not provide a methodology to help you gather data requirements from your users, they rely on you to make that up from scratch.  AgileData.io comes with a methodology that allows you to easily capture data requirements and automated the build of your data warehouse directly from those requirements.

Is it a data warehouse automation tool?

While AgileData.io automates the creation of a data warehouse, it is designed for a completely different audience compared to the traditional data warehouse automation tools.

Data Warehouse Automation tools like Wherescape, Varigence and TimeXtender are focussed on automating your ETL or ELT code.  They require a data modeller to define the data model upfront and then they automate the process of creating the code to populate it.  They do not provide a methodology on how to gather requirements from users and how to define that model based on those requirements, they leave it to you and your IT teams.

AgileData.io provides an automation engine, like those tools, but it is hidden under the covers.  The focus is not on how to automate code, but how to remove the need to create a data model or code completely.  Business Analysts enter requirements into AgileData.io and the data model and data warehouse are generated automatically.  They do not need their IT data teams to be involved.

Is it a big data solution?

While AgileData.io can scale to large volumes of data, it is not designed to manage large volumes of unstructured data, like Big Data solutions are.

AgileData.io is designed to manage structured data from your Sales, Financial and Operational systems and data from your semi-structured csv and excel files.