AgileData + Google BigQuery = Magic

Google Cloud Ready BiqQuery

Together, AgileData and Google BigQuery redefine what’s possible, turning your data challenges into opportunities.

The AgileData App provides a low code browser based interface to access the power of Google BigQuery.

Reduce the complexity of managing data with AgileData simplicity, powered by Google Cloud global speed and scale.

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Remove the complexity of using Google BigQuery

While retaining all its magical data powers

Native Google BigQuery

Want to use BigQuery but don’t want to have to write code in the Google Cloud console?

Worried about bill shock if you run the wrong query on the wrong table?

Don’t have a team of engineers to integrate multiple Google Cloud services and capabilities?

AgileData & Google BigQuery

The AgileData App low code interface removes the need to write complex code.

We pay for the BiqQuery storage and compute costs not you.

We have already integrated all the Google Cloud Services you need into the AgileData Platform

Why spends hours of your time learning code, when you can use our low code AgileData App, to leverage Google BigQuery in a fraction of that time?

And we cover the ongoing cost of Google BigQuery storage and compute, not you.

AgileData App Features

Everything you need, nothing you don’t

Simple to use Data Catalog

Design data using simple business language

Change data using low code business rules

Validate data as you change it

Version rules by default

See the flow of your data with Data Map

Consume data with any last mile tool

Low code vs complex code

We remove the need to create large volumes of complex code, by providing a magical low code user interface

Without AgileData

No Data Engineers

With AgileData

AgileData Team - No Data Engineers

No Code / Low Code

Simply magical low code app reduces the effort to deliver data work, while automating the data engineering rigour

Stop Waiting

Remove the need for your consultants to wait for your team of data engineers to transform data, by having them do the data work themselves

Hours Not Weeks

Deliver insights to your customers in hours, not weeks or months