Use Case

SaaS StartUp

Utilise AgileData as a data solution underpinning your SaaS product, don’t waste your valuable development teams time developing your own data platform

Your development team should be developing the unique features your product needs to dominate your market, not learning how to build a data platform.  Underpin your SaaS product with the AgileData platform as a white label, so you can concentrate on delivering your true go-to-market value.



Is it for me?

For the Founder, Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Product Officer or Chief Technology Officer

Who needs deliver a data, analytics and reporting capability with the limited development resources available and competing product roadmap priorities

The AgileData “SaaS Startup” is a service

That automates the collecting, combining, validating and presenting of your key data

Unlike the current spreadmart, manual reporting, or build your own data platform options

AgileData “Answer a Burning Question” will:

  • Collect, combine and present your data so you can use it to make informed decisions;
  • Automate the collection of data from your SaaS platform;
  • Collect data from the myriad of SaaS apps you use to run your Startup;
  • Refresh the data as often as you require from once a day down to every hour ;
  • Use your own reporting tools, or we can provide Google Data Studio at no cost;
  • Provide the platform and services for a fixed monthly subscription;
  • Provide a full managed service so you don’t have to worry;
  • Let your team continue to focus on building your product.
AgileData - SaaS Startup

Common business problems

And how the SaaS Startup service solves them

Developers time is precious

Your development team are awesome and are pumping through your feature backlog.  But your team or your customers want better access to their data that is stored in your product and now you have yet another competing set of features you some how need to deliver, within the same level of development resources.

Typical Challenges

  • Building and maintaining a data platform seems to be yet another art you and your team have to learn;
  • When you talk to CIO’s at other start-ups they tell you they are a year into a two year build for their data platform, and they have a team of 5 contractors building it.  You can’t afford that extra cost right now;
  • You know if you split your development team the core features you need developed will incur a disproportionate delay.

Remove 1000 & 1 Confusing Technology Choices

Your customers want better access to their data that is stored in your product and everybody you have talked to has a different opinion on which technologies you should cobble together to provide the data platform to deliver this.

Typical Challenges

  • Everybody is saying Microsoft PowerBI is the answer, but when looking at it you see it as just another reporting / visualisation tool;
  • You think you will need another database to hold the reporting data, but people you talk to say you can do it all using “big data”;
  • AWS are telling you Redshift is the answer, Microsoft are telling you Azure DW is the answer and the last consultant told you Snowflake was the answer, but they all just look like databases to you and you know you will need more than that;
  • When you talk to CIO’s at other start-ups they tell you they are a year into a two year build for their data platform, and they have a team of 5 contractors building it.


How many users can access the answers?

If you are using your own Business Intelligence, Visualisation or Reporting tool to access the answers, then you can have as many users as your tool can support.

If we are providing easy access to the answers via your web browser then we leverage Google Data Studio which is available to as many users as you require at no additional costs.

If you need advanced BI capabilities, we can recommend a number of cost-effective cloud BI options, such as QlikSense, Tableau and PowerBI that enable multiple users to access the answers.  However, these will involve additional costs, to purchase the multi-user licenses of those tools, in addition to our fixed price.

What happens if we want to stop?

If you want to stop using the service at any time, we will decommission your access and permanently delete your data.

We suggest you extract all your data from the consume area before we decommission your access, as once we have deleted it we cannot recover it.

Can we get copies of all your code, so we can replicate it on our platform?


One of the reasons we are able to deliver answers to your questions using your data so quickly is due to the magic we have built under the covers on our platform.  As you would expect this is the value of and it would be remiss of us to give this magic away.

However, we will always provide you with copies of your event, concept and detail definitions and the Natural Language change rules we configure for you.  With these you could build your own data platform and replicate the data you consume from if you desired.