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Attribution Model Patterns with Yorgos Moschovis

Shane Gibson and Yorgos Moschovis discuss the multifaceted world of marketing attribution. They explore the complexity of tracking customer behaviour across online and offline channels, the impact of privacy regulations, and various attribution models.

Building a vibrant community with Scott Hirleman
Building a vibrant community with Scott Hirleman

In the episode of the AgileData podcast, Shane Gibson chats with Scott Hirleman, the founder of the data mesh community.

They delve into the nuances of cultivating and sustaining thriving communities. 

The duo touch upon the broader patterns that can be applied to both external and internal communities within organisations, and the essence of being agile and responsive to the community’s evolving needs.

Layered Data Architectures with Veronika Durgin
Layered Data Architectures with Veronika Durgin

Shane Gibson and Veronika Durgan discuss layered data architecture, data management, and the challenges of integrating software engineering with data analytics. They advocate for the ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) approach over traditional ETL methods and emphasise the importance of understanding data provenance to increase trust. The hosts also discuss the concept of data lakes and the idea of a “data lakehouse,” merging file storage with cloud compute. The conversation concludes with the importance of defining data layers and their policies, the value of automation in data handling, and the need for clear data governance.

Observability – Raj Joseph

Join Shane Gibson as he chats with Raj Joseph on his experience in defining data observability patterns.Guests Raj JosephShane GibsonResourcesSubscribe | Apple Podcast | Spotify | Google Podcast  | Amazon Audible |...

Information Product Canvas

Join Shane and Tammy Leahy as they discuss the Information Product Canvas, what each area of the canvas holds and why you would want to collect this information.

This is the second in a series of podcast episodes that deep dives into the Information Product pattern.

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