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A global network of trusted AgileData Consultants
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Better Together

The AgileData Network helps you to amplify your capabilities by collaborating with other like minded Data Entrepreneurs

Size Sometimes Matters

Combine with other trusted members of the AgileData Network, to have the scale you need, when you need it

Scale the Value of your Expertise

Provide your expertise, experience and solutions in specific industries and use cases to the AgileData Network and get rewarded by the trusted members who leverage it for their customers

Leverage pre crafted solutions

AgileData and the Network members craft repeatable solutions to specific data problems, so you can solve your customers data problems faster and with less effort


Common business problems we can solve


Common industries we solve business problems for

Info Apps

Bundled end to end solution for specific data problems

Do more with less

We remove the need to build a large dedicated team of expensive data experts, by reducing the effort to do the data work and by doing the data work with you

With AgileData

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Without AgileData

No Data Engineers

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We have a number of consulting partners in the AgileData Network and experiencing the AgileData magic.

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