Introducing Hai, AgileData 2024 Data Intern

13 Mar 2024 | AgileData Way of Working, Blog, What is


I’m Hai, a name that intriguingly means “hi” in English.

Originally from Vietnam, I now find myself in Australia, studying Data Science and embracing an internship at AgileData.

This journey is not just about academic growth but also about applying my knowledge in practical, impactful ways.

Join me as I explore the blend of technology and community, aiming to make a difference through data.

Hai Vu

Hello! I’m Hai, which interestingly means “hi” in English—a fun way to start conversations and introduce myself.

This name reflects my nature well: open and eager to embrace whatever life throws at me. I’ve always believed that life is a collection of experiences, and I aim to make mine as rich and varied as possible.

Originally from Vietnam, a place full of dreams and aspirations, I grew up with a strong desire to see more of the world. My journey brought me to the Northern Territory of Australia, a choice that has filled my life with breathtaking natural beauty and a vibrant mix of cultures. Whether it’s the serene pleasure of jogging along the coastline at sunset or the excitement of frequent festivals that light up the sky like it’s always New Year’s Eve, this place has become a second home to me.

I’m currently studying for a Master’s in Data Science at Charles Darwin University. I think that understanding data is really important for any business because it can help make big decisions. What I enjoy the most about my studies is getting to work with all kinds of data from different areas. We’ve worked on projects that could really help people, like predicting diseases such as cancer, obesity, and Parkinson’s disease. I believe that the more I improve my skills, the sooner I’ll be able to use them to help out in many ways, not just in business but also in making a difference in the community.

Recently, I have aligned myself with AgileData for a 3-month internship. The company is on a mission to simplify data analysis with a low-code platform, a vision that inspires me. Joining the team has been a warm and enriching experience. Despite coming from a non-IT background, I’ve been warmly welcomed and given meaningful projects that allow me to delve into the product and contribute to enhancing the customer experience. This internship is not just a job; it’s a learning journey that offers a glimpse into the tech world, one I had never imagined I’d be part of.

At AgileData, I’ll be working closely with my team to find and use public data to make dashboards on the AgileData Platform. We’ll look together for the best data out there, then I’ll help put this data into AgileData’s system and shape it so that our dashboards tell a story and look great. I’m also excited to help write blog posts about our work. These posts will talk about the data we’re using and how we’re working together to make sense of it and share it with others. This is a great chance for me to learn and show how teamwork plays a big role in understanding and sharing data.

Adapting to life in Australia, from enjoying its scenic beauty to navigating the challenges of a tech internship, has been an incredible journey of growth and discovery. Each step has taught me more about myself and the world around me. As I continue on this path, I look forward to accumulating more experiences, learning new skills, and contributing to my team in meaningful ways.

Here’s to embracing every opportunity that comes my way and making the most of this chapter with AgileData!