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How To Bring Agile Practices To Your Data Projects

TD:LR Late in 2022 I was lucky enough to talk to Tobias Macey on the Data Engineering podcast about combining agile patterns and practises with those from the data domain.  Listen to the episode or read the transcript.   Listen Read Summary Agile methodologies...

I can write a bit of code faster

TD:LR To get data tasks done involves a lot more than just bashing out a few lines of code to get the data into a format that you can give it to your stakeholder/customer. Unless of course it really is a one off and then bash away.  But I bet if that information...

The Focus Podcast – Agile Data Governance Patterns

Early in 2022 Shane Gibson was lucky enough to talk to the Focus podcast crew about agile governance in the data domain. Watch or listen to the episode.

Analysts can model democratising data modeling

In 2022 Shane Gibson was lucky enough to present “Analysts can model democratising data modeling” at the Knowledge Gap Conference
Watch the presentation.