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Iterations create milestone dates, milestone dates force trade off decisions to be made

Data teams struggle to not “boil the ocean” when doing data work.

Use milestones as a pattern to help the data team to focus on what really needs to be built and manage the trade-off decisions for what doesn’t.

Understanding Concepts, Details, and Events: The Fundamental Building Blocks of AgileData Design
Understanding Concepts, Details, and Events: The Fundamental Building Blocks of AgileData Design

Reducing the complexity and effort to manage data is at the core of what we do.  We love bringing magical UX to the data domain as we do this.

Every time we add a new capability or feature to the AgileData App or AgileData Platform, we think how could we just remove the need for a Data Magician to do that task at all?

That magic is not always possible in the first, or even the third iteration of those features.

Our AgileData App UX Capability Maturity Model helps us to keep that “magic sorting hat” goal at the top of our mind, every time we add a new thing.

This post outlines what that maturity model is and how we apply it.

Agile-tecture Information Factory
Agile-tecture Information Factory

Defining a Data Architecture is a key pattern when working in the data domain.

Its always tempting to boil the ocean when defining yours, don’t!

And once you have defined your data architecture, find a way to articulate and share it with simplicity.

Here is how we articulate the AgileData Data Agile-tecture.

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