The last (for now) of our #AgileDataDiscover summaries!

11 Jul 2024 | AgileData Discover, Blog


We did it. That really is the TL;DR!  

Shane Gibson -


Let’s get into it!

#AgileDataDiscover weekly wrap No.6

My, doesn’t 30 days fly by when you’re having fun!

30 days ago Nigel Vining and I decided to do a 30 day experiment. We wanted to extend our McSpikey to see if using a LLM to do discovery on a legacy data warehouse was a feasible, viable and valuable product idea. And we decided to do it in public, posting daily about our journey. Time is up!

So, did we achieve it? The answer is ……. Yes. We confirmed it was feasible to build. And we confirmed it was viable to build with just the two of us.

Not only that, we’ve just got our first paying customer and a verbal yes from a second, so I think we can say it’s valuable.

There is still a lot to do. We hope you’ll keep following along if you’re interested. We’re travelling to the UK in September and have a stand at Big Data London. So if you want to see the product, pop along to stand Y760 and say hi.

Those that know me well, know I have a thing for t-shirts. And given we have a new product, I thought it was only fitting that we got a new ADI for this product.

I give you …..

AgileData Disco!

Keep making data simply magical

Follow along on our discovery journey

If you want to follow along as we build in public, check this out on a regular basis, we will add each days update to it so you can watch as we build and learn.