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The last (for now) of our #AgileDataDiscover summaries!

Shane Gibson and Nigel Vining completed a 30-day public experiment using a Large Language Model for legacy data warehouse discovery. They confirmed it was feasible, viable, and valuable, securing their first paying customer. They’re showcasing their progress at Big Data London in September under their new product, AgileData Disco.

#AgileDataDiscover weekly wrap No.5
#AgileDataDiscover weekly wrap No.5

We are in the final phase of building a new product, AgileData Disco, aimed at efficiently discovering and documenting data platforms. We are exploring various Go-to-Market strategies like SLG and PLG. Pricing strategies include options like pay per output or subscription models. We are building in public to gather feedback and refine their approach.

#AgileDataDiscover weekly wrap No.4
#AgileDataDiscover weekly wrap No.4

We review feedback, highlight emerging use cases like legacy data understanding, data governance, and automated data migration. New patterns are needed for moving from prototype to MVP. Challenges include managing tokens, logging responses, and secure data handling. The GTM strategy focuses on Partner/Channel Led Growth.

#AgileDataDiscover weekly wrap No.3
#AgileDataDiscover weekly wrap No.3

We focus on developing features such as secure sign-in, file upload, data security, and access to Google’s LLM. Challenges include improving the menu system and separating outputs into distinct screens for clarity. Feedback drives their iterative improvements.

#AgileDataDiscover weekly wrap No.2
#AgileDataDiscover weekly wrap No.2

We discuss the ongoing development of a new product idea, emphasising feasibility and viability through internal research (“McSpikeys”). Initial tests using LLMs have been promising, but strategic decisions lie ahead regarding its integration. The team grapples with market validation and adjusting their workflow for optimal experimentation.

#AgileDataDiscover weekly wrap No.1
#AgileDataDiscover weekly wrap No.1

We are tackling challenges in migrating legacy data platforms by automating data discovery and migration to reduce costs significantly. Our approach includes using core data patterns and employing tools like Google Gemini for comparative analysis. The aim is to streamline data handling and enable collaborative governance in organisations. Follow their public build journey for updates.

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