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The Focus Podcast – Agile Data Governance Patterns

Early in 2022 Shane Gibson was lucky enough to talk to the Focus podcast crew about agile governance in the data domain. Watch or listen to the episode.

ELT without persisted watermarks ? not a problem

We no longer need to manually track the state of a table, when it was created, when it was updated, which data pipeline last touched it …. all these data points are available by doing a simple call to the logging and bigquery api. Under the covers the google cloud platform is already tracking everything we need … every insert, update, delete, create, load, drop, alter is being captured

Three Agile Testing Methods – TDD, ATDD and BDD

In the word of agile, there are three common testing techniques that can be used to improve our testing practices and to assist with enabling automated testing.

Catalog & Cocktails Podcast – agile in the data domain

Early in 2022 Shane Gibson was lucky enought to talk to the Catalog and Cocktails podcast crew about agile in the data domain.  Watch or listen to the episode.

Why we founded AgileData

My co-founder Nigel and I have been working in the data and analytics domain for over 30 years (well I have, he is slightly younger). We have both held multiple roles through these years, Nigel primarily in the...