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2024 the year of the Intelligent Data Platform

AI was the buzzword for 2023 and it will continue to be the buzzword for 2024.

I have been thinking about our approach to AI in our product for a while and landed on 3 patterns that I use as a reference.

Ask AI
Assisted AI
Automated AI
Adopting these patterns moves a data platform from being a manual data platform, towards a data platform that can do some of the data work for you.

An Intelligent Data Platform.

Data Consulting Patterns with Joe Reis
Data Consulting Patterns with Joe Reis

Dive into the world of data consulting with Shane Gibson and Joe Reis on the Agile Data Podcast. Explore their journey from traditional employment to successful data consulting, covering client acquisition, business models, financial management, reputation, sales strategies, employee management, and work-life balance.


As Data Consultants your customers are buying and outcome based on one of these patterns – effort, expertise, experience or efficiency.

We outline what each of these are, how they are different to each other and how to charge for delivering them.

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