Powering data savy consultants

We enable you to deliver the data work for your customers, and turn it into recurring income

We remove the need for you to craft your own data platform, write screeds of complex code or hire a team to support your customers

Deliver data to your customers in 1/10th the time and at 5x the margin of other data providers

What do we do for you

We help independent consultants deliver data as a service to their customers, without the need to hire a team of sales, data or support experts

AgileData Lead

Sales & Delivery

We help you refine your target customer market, your services and your sales pitch.  If you are successful then so are we, so we invest in your success.

AgileData Business Analyst

Recurring Income

You spend you time making sure your customer is happy and getting value from their data.  This provides you with recurring income for that effort.

AgileData Decision Maker

Team of One

We provide a platform, a way of working and continuous support, which means you can deliver an end-to-end data service to your customers.

Modern Data Stack as a Service

We have done the hard work to engineer the AgileData Modern Data Stack, so you don’t have to

AgileData Product Features

Everything your consulting team needs, nothing they don’t

Simple to use Data Catalog

Design data using simple business language

Change data using low code business rules

Validate data as you change it

Version rules by default

See the flow of your data with Data Map

Consume data with any last mile tool

AgileData in four easy steps

Read how you collect, combine and consume your data in four easy steps

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