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To white label or to not white label

We have a dilemma.

One of our Consulting Partners is very keen for us to white label AgileData for them.

By whitelabel we mean they will use the AgileData App, AgileData Platform and AgileData Way of Working for their customers, but their customers will never know they are using AgileData. Our Consulting Partner will treat our product as their own.

We have seen this pattern before with embedded BI. With Embedded BI vendors, you can embed their dashboards, visualisations and reports into your product and the customer would never know you are using a third party product.

It is the same pattern as the way we use Google Cloud as the cloud infrastructure for AgileData, as a customer you should never worry about what we are using under the covers as the goal is to remove the complexity of managing cloud infrastructure.

And you will never see a Google Cloud logo in our AgileData App. (In fact you don’t see our logo either, but Ill come back to that).

So why are we hesitant?

Concept of Team Design

Team designs are patterns for grouping people into teams that are optimised for delivery.

They provide guidance on how to structure teams based on the type of work they are performing.

The goal of team design is to create cross-functional, autonomous teams that are able to adapt to changing requirements and deliver quickly, efficiently and with a high level of quality.

Data Consulting Patterns with Joe Reis

In this #AgileData podcast Shane Gibson chats with Joe Reis about common patterns when founding and running a Data and Analytics Consulting Company.

At AgileData we are fans of common solutions for common problems.

We use patterns that solve technical problem, data problems and problems with the way we work.

Our team have run their own data and analytics consulting companies for years, so we also love to share the patterns that worked for us running those companies.

Willem Jan Ageling – Agile Project Management and Leadership

Join Murray Robinson and Shane Gibson as they engage in an insightful conversation with Willem-Jan Ageling on agile project management and leadership.

Understand the importance of a goal-oriented leader who supports and empowers their team, and the common anti-patterns to avoid, such as:

🔸 Overpromising
🔸 Disempowerment
🔸 Micromanagement
🔸 Bureaucratic processes
🔸 Ignoring organisational blockers
🔸 Watermelon reporting
🔸 Pretending to be agile while reinforcing bureaucracy

Learn how leaders require agile training, mentoring, and coaching to truly understand and support agile methodologies. Discover the value of identifying leaders who are frustrated with bureaucracy and demonstrating how an agile approach can deliver valuable outcomes, helping organisations thrive.

Tune in to explore strategies for outcome-focused agile coaching and remember that the ultimate goal is to ensure organisational success.

Data Versioning

One of the common things we hear when we talk to people about how AgileData is a low code product is “oh so you don’t version our code then”

Well years ago low code tools didn’t let you version, but in the AgileData world we believe versioning is a core pattern we should all do.

So of course we version your code, we just do it in a simply magical way, as you would expect

✨Shane Gibson gives us another Gone in 60 Seconds on how we version Change Rules

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