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New Google Cloud Feature to Optimise BigQuery Costs

AgileData makes extensive use of Google Cloud, specifically its BigQuery service, for cost-effective data handling.

As a bootstrapped startup, AgileData incorporates data storage and compute costs into its SaaS subscription, protecting customers from unexpected bills. We constantly seek ways to minimise costs, utilising new Google tools for cost-saving recommendations.

We argue that the efficiency and value of Google Cloud make it a preferable choice over other cloud analytic database options.

The HitchHikers Guide to the Information Product Canvas


The Information Product Canvas, is an innovative pattern designed to capture data requirements visually and repeatably, making it easier for both stakeholders and data teams to comprehend and work from these requirements.

This approach streamlines the process of defining and delivering information products in small, manageable iterations. Each information product is like a unique app with a specific set of data for a particular persona, to be used for predetermined actions that drive business outcomes.

The Canvas provides a shared language for stakeholders and data teams, helping establish consensus on what needs to be built and delivered, similar to the concept of a “Babelfish” translating languages in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

This stakeholder-friendly pattern starts by defining key business questions, followed by the actions and business outcomes linked to these questions. These steps assist in prioritising which information product to build next based on its business value.

The Information Product Canvas is a valuable pattern for gathering and prioritising data requirements, fostering efficient collaboration and targeted business outcomes.

Data Lineage Patterns

In this episode we chat with the awesome Tomas Kratky from Manta about data lineage patterns.

What surprised us the most was as Tomas described the data lineage patterns they were far more encompassing than a data map. We would categorise them as covering lineage, data observability and DataOps.

Have a listen and see what you think.

Listen to the AgileData podcast or read the transcript at AgileData.io

Bring Back Business Analysis with Howard Podeswa

Join Murray Robinson and Shane Gibson as they discuss agile business analysis with Howard Podeswa. Gain insights into the role of business analysts, their value, and why big requirements upfront can be problematic.

Key topics include:
🔸 Conducting business analysis in an agile manner
🔸 Using use cases and user story maps
🔸 Breaking down information into user stories
🔸 The relationship between business analysts and product owners

Understand the importance of business analysis as a critical skill for development teams to prioritise and organise their work. Tune in to learn more about agile business analysis and its significance in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Listen to the No Nonsense Podcast or read the transcript at agiledata.io

G60S – Google Sheets

We know that excel is the #1 BI tool in the world, and we think Google Sheets is probably not far behind.

Google Sheets has a feature that enable you to consume AgileData in Google Sheets with minimal effort.

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