Powering data savy consultants

We enable your current data savy team to deliver the data work for your customers

We remove the need for your consulting team to craft their own data platform, write screeds of complex code or hire a team of data engineers

Deliver data to your customers in 1/10th the time and at 5x the margin of other technology options and data providers

Who does it work for

We help small consulting companies add deliverying data to their service offering, without the need to hire a team of data engineering experts

AgileData Lead

Lead Consultant

Help your team adopt our AgileData Ways of Working and patterns at no cost

AgileData Business Analyst


Do the data work for your customers without the need of a separate team of data engineers

AgileData Decision Maker

Consulting Owner

Add data delivery to your services portfoilio, without having to hire a team of data engineers

Modern Data Stack as a Service

We have done the hard work to engineer the AgileData Modern Data Stack, so you don’t have to

AgileData Product Features

Everything your consulting team needs, nothing they don’t

Simple to use Data Catalog

Design data using simple business language

Change data using low code business rules

Validate data as you change it

Version rules by default

See the flow of your data with Data Map

Consume data with any last mile tool

AgileData in four easy steps

Read how you collect, combine and consume your data in four easy steps

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