We are a team of coaches, who love to share

The AgileData founders have been practitioners in the data domain for longer than they care to remember.  We have developed a set of patterns that provide value, and we love to share those patterns with other data practitioners

After all we believe sharing is caring and not all magic tricks should be hidden


Sharing what we know about agile and data


Talking to experts in the agile and data space


Sharing short videos that explain core concepts

Curated Datasets

Making combining your data with public and open data easier

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Let me read it first

AgileData Way of Working

AgileData is founded on our years of experience working as consultants with a diverse range of organisations helping them adopt proven ways of working to streamline their data and analytics processes.

We are happy to share these ways of working, even if you don’t join to our magical AgileData Network.
After all sharing is caring!