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Making combining your data with  public data easier

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Data curated for you

Overtime we have found there are data sets that our customers use again and again.  So we thought why make our customers find and curate this data, when we can do it for them.

We find public and openly available data, we collect it, combine it and present it in a way that you can add it to your AgileData tenancy at a click of a button.  Then you can use that data in the data rules you create.

And like all the effort we do, we don’t charge any extra for you to use this data.  All you pay for is the monthly subscription for the AgileData product, based on our simple t-shirt pricing.t-shirt pricing.

Public Datasets

Try for free

We also publish a subset of our curated datasets as public dashboards which you can access for free, even if you are not a user of AgileData.  Below are some of those datasets for you to have a play with.