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Sprint Goals with Maarten Dalmijn

In this episode, Murray Robinson chats with Maarten Dalmijn about Sprint Goals. We discuss how sprint goals should act as a primary mission for a sprint, around which everyone’s tasks should revolve, rather than focusing on individual deliverables. We talk about challenges to implementing this approach, the importance of measuring outcomes over output, and the need for competency and trust in the team. This conversation highlights the importance open dialogue with stakeholders, and the necessity of adaptability in the face of uncertainty.

Tesla and SpaceX with Joe Justice
Tesla and SpaceX with Joe Justice

In this episode, we talked to Joe Justice about how Tesla and Space X have developed a new operating model based on self-organizing teams that continuously discover, deliver, and improve to achieve a thousand year goal. It’s like the most radical combination of open space agility, OKR’s, Continuous Discovery, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Improvement, you can think of. Whatever you think of Elon Musk, these companies are way ahead of most other companies and accelerating further. Tune in for a fascinating discussion about how Tesla and Space X work.

Essence with Ivar Jacobson
Essence with Ivar Jacobson

Join Murray Robinson and Shane Gibson as they chat with Ivar Jacobson about Essence; a standard to develop patterns and pattern libraries that is being used by Scrum, SAFE, Lean and Kanban organisations. We discuss object oriented software engineering, use cases, UML, RUP, Essence and AI assisted method coaching. Join us to hear from one of the founders of the software engineering industry.

Modern Product Management with Pawel Huryn

Join Murray Robinson and Shane Gibson as they chat with Pawel Huryn about product management. What it is, and isn’t? How to motivate teams and what makes a product succeed. We discuss the difference between product management, which focuses on discovery and project management, which focuses on delivery. And how to do both at the same time in one empowered product team. We talk about how you can become a product manager and the best product management tools to use. Join us as we uncover valuable insights to help you succeed in this critical role.

agile innovation

Join hosts Murray Robinson and Shane Gibson as they share their unique insights and experiences with startups, scale-ups, venture capitalists, and corporate innovation. In this episode: We delve into managerial fear of...

Tom Gilb – Software metrics

Join Murray Robinson and Shane Gibson in a conversation about Software Metrics with Tom Gilb. Tom Gilb inspired the authors of the Agile manifesto with his innovative incremental and scientific approach to Software Engineering. In this podcast we talk about Evo and Value Agile.

Erik de Bos – Agile is a paradigm shift

Join Murray Robinson and Shane Gibson in a conversation about Agile as a paradigm shift with Erik de Bos. Most organisations are slow moving bureaucracies defined by authoritarian hierarchies, rules and contracts. Agile is a completely new way of thinking and a new vocabulary which makes new concepts and information available.

Fixed Price Agile Contracts

In this podcast, Murray and Shane talk about why projects with fixed price, fixed scope contracts often go way over time and budget. We talk about uncertainty, sales incentives and underestimating. How fixed scope contracts lead to big design up front, siloed delivery, authoritarian management and conflict with suppliers. We discuss how to use an agile approach to solve these problems. We talk about testing suppliers by starting small and scaling up. And we talk about agile contracts where you engage a supplier to provide a fixed team for a fixed time and budget to achieve a goal with a variable scope.

Invitational agile with Michael Delamaza
Invitational agile with Michael Delamaza

In this episode we discuss invitational coaching with Michael Delemaza, the differences between coaching and mentoring and the challenges faced in transforming traditional organizations into agile ones. We also talk about the importance of clear communication and alignment at the executive level, as well as dealing with politics and resistance within organizations.

agile projects

In this engaging episode, Murray Robinson and Shane Gibson dive into a spirited discussion on the compatibility of Agile and Project Management. Discussion highlights include: The Agile-Project Management conundrum: Is...

Evolutionary design & agile architecture

Join Murray Robinson and Shane Gibson in a no-nonsense agile discussion. In this podcast, we talk about evolutionary design and the problem with a narrow focus, planning at different time horizons, big blocks and small blocks and the importance of having flexible roadmaps that change as we learn. We also talk about centralised teams vs experts in teams, how the role of the coach is to build the team’s capability and how a coach should be a sports coach, not a therapist.

Is scrum broken?

Join Murray Robinson and Shane Gibson in a no-nonsense agile discussion. In this podcast, we discuss Ron Jeffries’ recent article “Can scrum be fixed?” We talk about Ron’s concerns with the Scrum Industrial complex and Developers issues with Scrum. We talk about what we like and don’t like about Scrum and how the gaps we’ve experienced can be overcome.

Agile initiation and planning

Join Murray Robinson and Shane Gibson in a no-nonsense agile discussion. In this podcast, we talk about our experience with planning agile initiatives. How to do just enough planning just in time. We discuss the team you need, user stories, UX concepts and technical architecture, how to develop a release plan and estimate time and cost in a 2 to 4-week timebox. We also talk about the common traps, pitfalls and bad patterns we see in planning agile initiatives.

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