Craft backed by Technique


We have developed a raft of agile data techniques that enable us to work in a Simply Magical way.

We are so confident using the techniques we have developed that we provide our effort to collect, combine and present your data at no cost to you.

Services are included

Thats right you don’t pay us for our effort.

We leverage the raft of agile data techniques, patterns and templates we have developed to configure to collect, combine and present your data so you can use it to make better decisions.

With other “as-a-service” data platforms and products, you pay a subscription for the platform.  But you are still left to do all the hard work to configure it for your business and for your data.

Our magic allows us to do this effort in a way you won’t believe, so we have decided to do this work for you and at no cost.  Think of its as a truely magical “silver service”.

All you pay for is the monthly subscription for the product, based on our simple t-shirt pricing.

Let’s do magic together

Let us remove the complexity from managing your data
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We love to share

Here are some articles that share some insight into our techniques.

The dangers of a Big Guess Up Front (BGUF)

The way we used to deliver data and analytics projects was to do what I call the “big guess up front” (BGUF). Documents for Africa We would create massive data and analytics strategy documents, which took months to...

Who should attend Steering Committees?

Be don't Do If you are operating under a construct that has a Steering Committee, you are probably not operating as an agile organisation. If you are not an agile organisation your data team will struggle to “be” agile...

Project Managers who have done standups

Often you will get somebody join your team as a Scrum Master who has in a previous life been a Project Manager. It seems to be the natural transition, to move from a being Project Manager to being a Scrum Master. In my...