Craft backed by Technique


We have developed a raft of agile data techniques that enable us to work in a Simply Magical way.

We are so confident using the techniques we have developed that we provide our effort to collect, combine and present your data at no cost to you.

We also love to share these techniques via our Blog’s and Podcasts which we craft and publish on a regular basis.


Batteries are included

We hate it when we buy something and the “batteries cost extra”.  We know you feel the same way when you subscribe to a data product and then have to pay thousand of dollars to con-sultants to make it work for you.

So we don’t charge you for our effort to deliver what you need.

We love to share

Here are some blogs that share some insight into our techniques.

Agile DataOps

TD:LR Agile DataOps is where we combine the processes and technologies from DataOps with a new agile way of working, to reduce the time taken and increase the value of the data we provide to our customers What's in a...

The “Killer” Feature

One feature to rule them all As product managers we are always looking for the next “killer feature” for our product. You know the one, that feature that will become the magical thing that will have customers flooding...

3 types of product features

Our UX/UI journey is accelerating We are currently full steam into the development of the initial User Interface for The team have done some awesome work on the UX designs for a bunch of the core screens,...

The dangers of a Big Guess Up Front (BGUF)

The way we used to deliver data and analytics projects was to do what I call the “big guess up front” (BGUF). Documents for Africa We would create massive data and analytics strategy documents, which took months to...

Who should attend Steering Committees?

Be don't Do If you are operating under a construct that has a Steering Committee, you are probably not operating as an agile organisation. If you are not an agile organisation your data team will struggle to “be” agile...

Project Managers who have done standups

Often you will get somebody join your team as a Scrum Master who has in a previous life been a Project Manager. It seems to be the natural transition, to move from a being Project Manager to being a Scrum Master. In my...


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