Lean agile transformations with Matt Turner

Join Murray Robinson and Shane Gibson in a conversation about the psychology of change in lean agile transformation with Matt Turner.  We discuss how to implement agile and Kanban practices in IT operations, the challenges faced by managers, and the importance of visualising work and understanding flow. We also touch upon the misconceptions and misapplications of agile in the industry. Join us to learn how to be a much more effective change agent.

Quality skills vs roles

Join Murray Robinson and Shane Gibson as they discuss why quality as a whole team’s responsibility. We discuss why it’s critical to integrate QA processes from the beginning, the importance of clear acceptance criteria, how to handle technical debt and the continuous improvement process. Tune in for an engaging and informative discussion on quality in your agile projects.

Invitational agile with Michael Delamaza

Invitational agile with Michael Delamaza

In this episode we discuss invitational coaching with Michael Delemaza, the differences between coaching and mentoring and the challenges faced in transforming traditional organizations into agile ones. We also talk about the importance of clear communication and alignment at the executive level, as well as dealing with politics and resistance within organizations.