Use Case Articles

Virtual cXo

Provide your customers with simply magical access to their data, to enable you to help them make data driven decisions.

SaaS Startup Whitelabel

Utilise as a data solution underpinning your SaaS product, without having to develop a data platform yourself.

Answer a burning question

Get a repeatable answer to your most important business questions.

Automate The Dross

Automate repeating data tasks to free up your analysts.

Automate The Dross

Automate The Dross

Automate the Dross Automate repeating data tasks to free up your analysts, for a fixed price We...

Customer 360 View

Customer 360 View Get a single view of all your customers, understand how and when they engage with you, all for a fixed price We automate combining all your customer data from multiple sources to provide a single 360...

Replace Legacy EDW

Replace your Legacy EDW Replace your legacy EDW with a SaaS based modern data platform You need to modernise your data warehouse technology platform, but you have been offered a raft of "cloud", "big data" and "AI"...

Master Data Management

Master Data Management Centralise your data into a single data repository to enable you to manage data as a true asset We automate combining all your core business concepts (for example customers, products, services,...

Data Migration

Data migration Migrate data from your legacy systems to your new system We map your legacy systems to your core business concepts and events, then sync data from those systems to  We then map these...