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Are you delivering drills, holes or outcomes?

TD:LR Whether you're a Data Entrepreneur or an organisation looking for actionable insights, its the business outcome these insights help you achieve that is the most important thing. Yes you need a data platform and data to achieve these insights, but they are just...

As Data Consultants your customers are buying and outcome based on one of these patterns – effort, expertise, experience or efficiency.

We outline what each of these are, how they are different to each other and how to charge for delivering them.

Agile-tecture Data Factory
Agile-tecture Data Factory

Defining a Data Architecture is a key pattern when working in the data domain.

Its always tempting to boil the ocean when defining yours, don’t!

And once you have defined your data architecture, find a way to articulate and share it with simplicity.

Here is how we articulate the AgileData Data Agile-tecture.

Agile and Product – Justin Bauer

Join Shane Gibson as he chats with Justin Bauer on his experience combining the worlds of agile and product in a data driven company.Guests Justin BauerShane GibsonResourcesSubscribe | Apple Podcast | Spotify | Google Podcast  | Amazon Audible | TuneIn | iHeartRadio |...

Observability, Tick
Observability, Tick

TD:LR Data observability is not something new, its a set of features every data platform should have to get the data jobs done. Observability is crucial as you scale Observability is very on trend right now. It feels like every other influencer in the data space is...

DataOps: The Magic Wand for Data Magicians
DataOps: The Magic Wand for Data Magicians

DataOps is a magical approach to data management, combining Agile, DevOps, and Lean Manufacturing principles. It fosters collaboration, agility, automation, continuous integration and delivery, and quality control. This empowers data magicians like you to work more efficiently, adapt to changing business requirements, and deliver high-quality, data-driven insights with confidence.

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Why we founded AgileData
Why we founded AgileData

My co-founder Nigel and I have been working in the data and analytics domain for over 30 years (well I have, he is slightly younger). We have both held multiple roles through these years, Nigel primarily in the...